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November PLS Course Descriptions


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Welcome to November! A month of challenges, assessments, growth (on the part of both teachers and students), and well-earned time with those we care about. In a few short week’s we’ll be coming back together for our November PLS and we wanted you to know what was being offered prior to the selection survey going out on Wednesday. Please reach out to your coach or other administrator if you would like some input as to what course would most support your growth and the current state of your classroom. As a reminder, teachers should bring upcoming lesson plans and objectives to all PLSs to use in sessions and in cohort work time.

Teacher Modeling and Think Alouds (Priority Session)

Lesson Planning: This session, which is aligned to the Content Delivery row of the TE Rubric, explains both criteria for effective think alouds as well as common pitfalls seen in new and veteran teachers alike. By the end of this session, teachers will be able to craft a think aloud that effectively models HOW to implement the key points of an upcoming lesson.

Big 6

Lesson Planning: Students have a lot of information presented to them each day, and instructors must actively work to make sure that the information presented is done so in a meaningful and memorable way. This session presents 6 strategies which acan be used in all content areas and grade levels which will lead to increased student retention. Requirements – teachers must bring an upcoming lesson plan. (This session was also offered in September)


Lesson Planning: Teachers in the Foldables session will learn many formats which can be sued for students to capture the key points of a class. Selecting a purposeful and memorable format with which to capture notes enables teachers to provide students with a way to recall the information presented. Participants in this session will learn to match foldables to the content of a class as well as strategies which foldables to use in an upcoming lesson. (This session was also offered in September)

Use of Time

Lesson Planning: This session is aligned to the Use of Time indicator of the TE Rubric and will provide teachers with strategies to improve their use of time and increase engagement. Participants will have the opportunity to analyze and apply strategies to more effectively utilize the instructional time in their classroom and allow for student processing in which students think, speak, and write.

Anticipating Misunderstandings

Lesson Planning: Teachers better communicate key points when they are aware of and plan for potential pitfalls students can experience during a lesson. This session will help teachers predict and plan for possible student misunderstandings, so lesson can be effective for all students. Requirements – teachers must bring an upcoming lesson plan. (This session was also offered in September)

Drive Your Own Development

Teacher Leadership: For YES teachers who are evaluated on the IER: This session will life the curtain on the thought processes of instructional leaders and teach you how to use your Instructional Excellence Rubric (IER) data to help you drive your own professional development. Target Audience: Only YES teachers who are currently on the continuum.


Don’t forget to take the selection survey which will go out on Wednesday, October 29th to ensure you get the course you want to be enrolled in and come prepared with lesson plans, unit plans, and any materials you want to access during cohort work time! See you on November 15!



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