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February PLS Session Descriptions

February PLS Photo


As the second semester gets into full swing, our session offerings will continue to recognize the experience and expertise you are bringing, and ask you to engage in more challenging learning experiences. The overarching theme of the month is increasing the amount of processing that you are asking students to do in a given lesson and we are excited to see you on the 28th.

In order to engage in the sessions during this month’s PLS, each teacher must bring a completed lesson for week following the PLS on which to implement some of the session strategies. At minimum, all teachers should come prepared with a lesson objective and key points.

PRIORITY SESSION: Ratio through “Right is Right” and “Stretch It”: Increasing the amount of time that students spend processing the new material presented in a lesson is a priority that even the most veteran teachers consider in their daily planning. In this session, participants will learn two research-based strategies that work to increase ratio in all classrooms from PreK-12, as well as have time to implement them in a future lesson.


Review Games and Strategies: With common assessments, benchmarks, and STAAR/EOC tests approaching quickly, making the best use of invaluable review time is crucial for teachers and students alike. This session will both expose teachers to a variety of successful review strategies and model a selection of them to show participants what they will look and feel like to students. If you teach a subject that has a high-stakes test, this session should be considered a must! Target Audience: Teachers in grades 3-12 who teach STAAR/EOC courses.

Everybody Writes and Show Call: Ensuring all students actively participate in class discussions is a difficult task even for the most experienced teachers. Aimed at increasing involvement and accountability for all students, this session explores two strategies that accelerate student learning and invest students in participating, all while producing a collaborative learning environment.

Academic Discussion: In order for students to learn, you must hold them accountable to engaging with the content you teach. Promoting rigorous academic discussions in your classroom will help your students master the ins and outs of your content, and you will feel a sigh of relief, knowing that all students actively discussed your content. Participants in this session will identify strategies to increase classroom discussion and plan rigorous, academic processing opportunities for students.

Criteria for Success: We hear the term “Criteria for Success” all the time, but what does the term actually mean? Wonder no more. Teachers will walk away from this session with a clear definition of criteria for success, and a process by which to create it. Please bring an objective you will be teaching during an upcoming lesson.

Use of Time: Effectively using every minute of class time is critical. This session will provide teachers with strategies to improve their use of time and increase student engagement and processing. Participants will have the opportunity to analyze and apply strategies to more effectively utilize the instructional time in their classroom and allow for student opportunities to think, speak, and write.


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