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How to Keep a Class of 41 from Turning into a Zoo… On Your First Day of Teaching Ever

Written by JoAnna Duncan, TE Instructional Coach “Are you Ms. Duncan?” asked a tiny person with three pigtails and hot pink Dora the Explorer tennis shoes. It was 8:10 a.m. and the day was already off and running. “Why yes, I am. I’m so happy to have you here. Come on in and join us,” … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an IC

Have you ever wondered what ICs do every day? Are you interested in being an IC someday? Here’s a breakdown of a “Day in the Life” by our very own, Sarah Murphy! 6:00 a.m.-6:45 a.m.:  Wake-Up Your head pops off the pillow and a smile leaps onto your face-you are up and ready to spend … Continue reading

Who Knew a Tooth Could Cause So Much Panic?

Written by Johnie Flores, TE Instructional Coach The first day of my first year as a teacher started off like most other first year teachers. I was excited to meet my students, nervous about whether they’d like me, and planned the entire first day to each minute. I thought my team-building activities were above average … Continue reading

The Day that I Almost Cried and/or Vomited in Front of an Army of Adolescents

Written By: Sarah Murphy, TE Instructional Coach Darkness covered the parking lot of Waller Junior High that early August morning when I pulled my yellow Volkswagen Beetle up to the place where I would begin my teaching career. Day one of year one. After devoting my college career to the study of education, I had … Continue reading

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