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Dear IC… All Teachers are Reading Teachers

Now Accepting Your Questions: Calvin J. Stocker Dear IC, I am a core content teacher that doesn’t teach ELA specifically and I was wondering how I might approach increasing my students’ ability to read and write well? I know that literacy is “kind of a big deal” and I think I’m ready to begin engraining … Continue reading

Dear IC…Teaching Reading Skills with an Engaging Read-Aloud

By Laura Washington, Teaching Excellence Dear IC, I am an elementary teacher who is looking for ways to keep my students engaged during our reading lessons. We have been working a lot on the same skills throughout the school year (cause and effect, point of view, and making inferences) and I am looking for some … Continue reading

Dear IC…Student Motivation

Now Accepting Your Question: Calvin J. Stocker, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach Dear IC, I have this really awesome incentive system in my classroom that has worked beautifully… until most recently. It appears that my students are losing interest in it and don’t really “care” about the incentives as much as they used to. What should … Continue reading

Dear IC…Is Second Semester Easier than the First?

Dear IC, Someone told me that the second semester of the first-year of teaching is MUCH easier than the first. Can you confirm this? Thanks, Mihndova Matta ———————– Hi Mihndova, I remember my first semester of teaching. I also remember thinking that nothing could possibly be more difficult…. I was right, perhaps for the first … Continue reading

Dear IC…Authentic Student Engagement

Dear IC, I feel like I’m in a pretty good place now. To start, Thanksgiving break was AWESOME. I forgot what it was like to sleep. Oh, and Winter Break is only three weeks away? Yeah, I’m in a good place… But also really with classes. Students are generally compliant and do what I ask. … Continue reading

Dear IC…Proactively Addressing Students’ Behavior

Dear IC, As you know, I have been teaching for quite some time now… Well, a few months, but that’s pretty much forever. Nonetheless, I have had countless opportunities to observe my students and have become pretty good at reading their “moods.” I have this one student who, upon entering my class, I just know … Continue reading

Dear IC…The Honeymoon Period is Over?!

Dear IC, I had great behavior management in the beginning of the year. My students were on task and really worked hard to impress me. Lately, things have started to slip. Once I set expectations, I find myself continually redirecting students and asking for their eyes to be on me, their pencils to be down, … Continue reading

Dear IC – Forgetting to Take Attendance

 **Each week we’ll run our “Dear IC” Question and Answer series. Be sure to submit your classroom questions in the comments. You may recieve an answer from a TE Instructional Coach on future blog posts.** Dear IC, I have a little dilemma… I know that the whole “attendance thing” is important, yet I can’t seem … Continue reading

Dear IC: Reassessing When Students Fail

**Each week we’ll run our “Dear IC” Question and Answer series. Be sure to submit your classroom questions in the comments. You may recieve an answer from a TE Instructional Coach on future blog posts.** Dear IC, I recently gave a unit exam in my class. One of my students earned an “A” and another earned a … Continue reading

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