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3 Ways Teachers Can INCREASE Their Cultural Awareness

Written by Patty Williams, TE Instructional Coach Support Specialist Teach For America sends hundreds of college graduates from top universities around the country to teach in traditionally economically disadvantaged areas.  Both the teachers and the students come with an array of different backgrounds. As a Teach for America teacher myself,  I learned to reflect early on … Continue reading

The Black Hoodie (Do you have one?)

Does the Trayvon Martin case scare you?! According to the New York Times Zimmerman was charged on April 11th with second degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin and was released on a $150,000 bond. As a result of  this case, lots of people are talking about the black hoodie. Was it the assumption about … Continue reading

3 Ways Teachers Can INCREASE Their Cultural Awareness

Written by Patricia Williams, TE Instructional Coach As a first year TFA corp member in 2004…I feel very old writing that 🙂 …teaching in Texas was a culture shock. I grew up in New Jersey, and I went to undergrad in New York; I’m an east coast girl for sure!  During my first lunch in … Continue reading

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