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TEach ‘Em Up: The Power of Growth Minded Teachers

Written by Daya Cozzolino, TE Instructional Coach In TE our motto is “TEach ‘Em Up”, a simple, and yet incredibly powerful phrase. However, I often wonder what this phrase truly means for our our teachers, students and the members of the TEam. Recently a colleague gave me this excerpt from the book Mindset. The section that I … Continue reading

Involve Everyone Who Cares: Engaging Others to Create Change

By Calvin J. Stocker, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach It’s usually during the spring months that we find moments to reflect on the work we have participated in over the past year and look forward to the next year. As many of us consider the work we have done thus far to promote educational equality for … Continue reading

Preparing Students to Be College-Ready: Insight from Former YES Prep Teacher Turned College Educator

 By: Sarah Murphy, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach Natalie Lund’s unique experience in education makes her an expert on that which is most pressing to teachers in the classroom: truly readying students for college. Natalie’s Teach For America placement school was YES Prep East End, and she thrived during her tenure at this campus serving as … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an IC

Have you ever wondered what ICs do every day? Are you interested in being an IC someday? Here’s a breakdown of a “Day in the Life” by our very own, Sarah Murphy! 6:00 a.m.-6:45 a.m.:  Wake-Up Your head pops off the pillow and a smile leaps onto your face-you are up and ready to spend … Continue reading

Four Steps to Failing Better

Photo Credit: Written by: Paul Needham, Instructional Coach and Professional Learning Specialist Every teacher, whether they’re fresh out of TE’s Induction, or a 16-year veteran makes mistakes that impact the environment in their classroom. The trick that successful teachers have learned is how best to learn from these mistakes. In other words, successful educators … Continue reading

TE Alum Speaks Up

2011-2012 Teaching Excellence Alum, Alyssa Granacki, was featured on the Huffington Post Education blog last week. Read her post, In Defense of Teach for America, here: Alyssa Granacki What are your thoughts about her post?

Instructional Coach Lessons Learned: Lesson Two: It’s the Little Things

Written By Petra Claflin, Senior Instructional Coach In her end-of-year reflection, of one of my teachers cited an example of a time in September when she was really stressed and I was willing to reschedule our meeting since she was having a really rough day and then brought her a latte during her off … Continue reading


Written by Patty Williams, TE Instructional Coach I LOVE watching my 4 year old son as he learns how to swim. Or should I say learns how to ‘float’…which is not that exciting. 🙂 Yet there was  an incident that occurred in one of his swim classes that inspired and motivated me. One Monday evening … Continue reading

Instructional Coach Lessons Learned…Lesson One: Pulse checks

Written By Petra Claflin, TE Instructional Coach Support Specialist All of the Instructional Coaches with Teaching Excellence have closed out our year with this year’s teaches and had a final conversation with each of them to reflect on the year and get feedback from them on our coaching and the program. These conversations were … Continue reading

What TE Instructional Coaches Do

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