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August 2014 PLS Sessions

The Teaching Excellence TEam is excited to continue the learning that was started at our Summer Induction at the first of our eight monthly Professional Learning Saturdays (PLSs). We hope that these sessions both support teachers in areas that are typically challenging for teachers in their first year at a new campus as well as … Continue reading

Lessons From My First Year: Part 1

  Everyone who has ever taught has advice for first-year teachers, and everyone who has ever been a first-year teacher wants advice. Who better to give advice to new teachers than those who just completed their first year? Below you will find advice from four Teaching Excellence alumni teachers who recently completed their first year … Continue reading

10 Team Builders and Icebreakers for the Beginning of the Year

Find-a-Friend Bingo Create a bingo chart and fill each square with categories like, ‘I have been to another country’ and ‘I have more than 3 siblings.’ The kids go around and find people for whom those statements are true and write their names on the line. The first student to fill the sheet or get … Continue reading

Classroom Organization 102

  Did our Classroom Organization 101 post leave you wanting more? Here are some advanced organization systems to get your teacher life organized and class running smoothly.       Help Wanted: Student jobs are great. They take the pressure of doing everything off of you, and students love to have a job. Try this … Continue reading

Award-Winning Ways to Use Movies in the Classroom

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby hit theaters recently, and high-school students across the country filed into theaters, eager to compare the flick to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beloved novel. Classroom instructors additionally expressed excitement at the thought of having an updated version to show to students. But when should movies be used in a classroom? SHOULD … Continue reading

Classroom Organization 101

Written by Jaclyn McCormick, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach After about 3 weeks of school, my classroom usually looked like a tornado had just swept through Room 134. The added stress of the stacks of papers on my desk and markers rolling around on the floor was definitely not what I needed as a teacher, and … Continue reading

Foldables! How to Fold Your Way to Student Achievement

Written by Jaclyn McCormick, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach Confession: I used to hate foldables. I thought they were cute art projects and a waste of instructional time. I am embarrassed to admit it now, but I was definitely the teacher who just pulled a few kids with good hand writing and told them to make … Continue reading

The Power of Choice: How to Create Choice in Student Projects

The year is coming to an end, students are beginning to finish up their state exams, and you’re likely thinking about how to finish strong in your classroom. Designing engaging end of the year activities is an exciting thing for students and teachers alike. It’s also a great way to ensure students have the foundational … Continue reading

Project PINspiration: Useful Links to Aid Classroom Projects

Written by Sarah Murphy, Teaching Excellence Instructional Coach Support Specialist The close of the school year is a time when students can demonstrate mastery on things learned in classrooms in a variety of ways, and one such way is in the form of a project. Click through the links below to see ways in which … Continue reading

Brain Based Learning: 3 Tips for Increasing Student Retention

     Visual Three days after you hear something, you’ll remember 10% of it. If a picture is added to the exact same information, you’ll remember 65%! Therefore, you want your PowerPoints to be more like this: And less like this:      Reflection Give students processing opportunities that are both relevant and allow them to reflect … Continue reading

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