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Induction Day 13: Know the Community Where You Teach

Today marked the last day of Teaching Excellence Induction for the 2013-2014 cohort, so it was time to have some fun and get to know our community. Teachers set out across Houston to complete a Teaching Excellence scavenger hunt in the communities in which they will soon teach. Getting to know your school’s community is … Continue reading

Induction Day 12: Campus Culture and Presentation of Learning

  This year, Teaching Excellence will support nearly 300 teachers who, in just a few weeks, will set out across 40 campuses to teach nearly 35,000 students. On day 12, we had the privilege of welcoming 97 administrators and instructional leaders from YES Prep, KIPP: Houston, and Spring Branch ISD for our campus connection day. … Continue reading

Induction Day 11: Prepare and Practice

Teachers spent day 11 finalizing their preparations for the culminating event of Teaching Excellence Induction, the Presentation of Learning, which took place on day 12. At the POL, administrators from 35 campuses of YES Prep, KIPP: Houston, and Spring Branch ISD schools gathered to celebrate TE teachers’ hard work and provide feedback. TE teachers were … Continue reading

Induction Day 9: Welcome TFA!

By: Sarah Murphy Teaching Excellence is thrilled to welcome the 2013 Teach for America corps members to Teaching Excellence Induction! Our TFA corps members have just completed Institute, Teach for America’s summer training program, and we’re excited to continue their professional development this week with sessions on behavior management, planning, and content-specific strategies. Partnering with … Continue reading

Induction Day 8: Alternative Certification

Teaching Excellence has been certifying teachers since 2010, when it officially became an alternative certification program (ACP). Originally started as a support program for new teachers at YES Prep, Teaching Excellence has expanded to train and certify teachers at partnership schools across Houston. The certification pathway started as a way to simplify the process for … Continue reading

Induction Day 7: Backwards Planning

By: Sarah Murphy Classroom instruction must yield student achievement. The time spent with students is too precious for gains not to be made. How can this be accomplished? How are instructors to make sure that every class leads students to achieve in the course as well as on summative assessments and ultimately in college and … Continue reading

Induction Day 6: Content Day!

By: Sarah Murphy Teaching Excellence provides year-long support to novice teachers in order to share best practices for the classroom and to help teachers deliver quality instruction to students. Many of the sessions are applicable to all content areas and grade-levels. However, while we recognize that best practices are transferrable to all content areas and … Continue reading

Induction Day 5: Campus Observations

Reflecting on my own experiences in the classroom, some of the best professional development and inspiration that I got was from observing other great teachers. There is something about seeing a teacher and students from an outside perspective that was truly empowering and always pushed me to continue to better my own teaching practice. At … Continue reading

Induction Day 4: How to Issue Consequences

Today TE’s cohort of new teachers had a session on issuing consequences—not any teacher’s favorite part of their job, but arguably one of the most important to ensure good classroom management and ultimately to maximize learning time. Students respect teachers who are consistent and fair, and students like to know the teacher has authority and … Continue reading

Induction Day 3: Teaching Excellence Execution Protocols

By: Sarah Murphy “To practice is to declare, I can be better.”- Practice Perfect, xiii Teaching Excellence Induction participants entered a new phase today: the execution protocol phase. ‘Execution Protocols’ are sessions devoted to that which we know to be most impactful to development: practice. Teaching Excellence sessions center on best practices for the classroom, … Continue reading

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