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Five Thoughts on Sir Ken Robinson’s Talk Written by Paul Needham, TE Instructional Coach After watching this animation accompanying a speech by Sir Ken Robinson, I am struck by several thoughts. I needed to watch this video again in order to allow the drawings to add to the message, rather than distract me from it. I would encourage anyone who remembers … Continue reading

Those Who Teach…Do Everything! (Election Day Special)

Written By Laura Washington, TE Instructional Coach Ahhh November! A time when the leaves change color (except in Houston where the temperature is still 88 degrees), turkeys should begin to get scared, and the United States is overwhelmed by ELECTION FEVER! STOP! Before you click away from this post, let me explain. I am … Continue reading

Make your classroom ROCK just like Jack Black’s

Written by Sarah Murphy, TE Instructional Coach Support Specialist Come with me, if you will, on a coaching observation which takes a peek beneath the initial, surface level silliness of Jack Black’s fictional classroom in School of Rock, and see strategies in motion which engage learners and aid them in content internalization. Flip through the … Continue reading

Those Who Teach…Do Everything!

Written by Laura Washington, TE Instructional Coach There is a quote floating around out there that some may find funny, but that I feel the need to debate whenever I hear it. It goes something like this, “Those who can’t do…teach.” To add insult to injury, the quote continues, “Those who can’t teach…teach P.E.” … Continue reading

TEam Member Spotlight: Laura Washington

What is your role on the TEam? Instructional Coach at YES Prep Public Schools and KIPP Houston Expert PowerPoint slide-maker Where did you study? List all that apply. Garfield High School in Seattle, WA Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN Why are you passionate about education and teacher development? As a 20-something adult (no need … Continue reading

Teaching Excellence from A to Z

Get to know us from start to finish.  Follow our weekly series “TE from A to Z”… M is for mindset. TE Instructional Coaches maintain and foster growth mindsets in themselves and in the teachers they support. This belief that people’s most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work creates a love … Continue reading

3 Ways to Prepare for Instructional Leadership

In teaching and teacher leadership, there are so many opportunities to grow, especially in the world of education reform. One question I frequently get asked is: how can I develop into an instructional leader? Continue reading

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